Quality & effective team building

"Business Forward" consultants will organize an unforgettable team building with many entertaining games and obstacles, that would bring together all your employees. If you need this standard service for just having a good time and building team spirit, our team will create a quality organization for all activities, regardless of where your company is situated - Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas or any other place in Bulgaria.

"Business Forward" experience showed that many times companies need more than just a regular team building service. Our Complex Team Building includes not just games and fun, but also serious management consulting. In this way, we are able to guarantee long-term improvement of working environment and team spirit within your company.

Our Complex Team Building service covers all management aspects for achieving positive team spirit change.

We collect information from the company managers about daily task assignment, teams structure and hierarchy, responsibilities distribution, control and methods for rewarding employees' performance .

The collected information helps our team of consultants identify weak points and give improvement recommendations to the company owners and managers. This also helps us prepare a tailor-made team building program for your specific needs.

We conduct short management training (half a day) to middle and high level managers that aims at helping them understand current weak points in the company's approach to employees and what are the correct changes to be made.

Preparation of special questionnaire of the level of work satisfaction among the company managers and employees. The results from this questionnaire will be the basis for the elaboration of the tailor-made team building programme.

Team building games in teams, that will make your people go through the whole business process of planning, decision-taking, execution, control and results analysis. All challenges and games aim to entertain the participants, but at the same time to make them think about the team spirit importance in every day work.

As a result of the team building and the simultaneous analysis, our management consultants will work out a long-term plan for employees' motivation and team spirit improvement. This programme execution will guarantee working environment and efficiency.