Comprehensive business analysis

Our team of management and business consultants works several days at the client company and analyzes first hand all departments' working processes and the managerial tools and approaches used. Based on the actual impressions and the collected data, our consulting team prepares a preliminary analysis of flaws and opportunities for improvement in each department and firm as a whole.

How is the comprehensive business analysis being conducted?

Personal meeting with the company and departments managers for obtaining basic view of the current situation.

Collecting examples of actual forms and reports used currently by the employees and managers during their daily work.

Preliminary analysis of all collected data.

The collected information, along with our expert observations "on the floor" help in identification of key activities and problems for our team to focus on.

A final report and assessment of the company problems and efficiency is being prepared.

A professional detailed report is resulting with all our consultants' findings, measures, propositions and improvements that need to be implemented by the company management.

Every identified issue or weakness receives a real practical solution.