B-Ficient - Business Management Software

In the competitive world we live in, every Bulgarian manager needs to have a realistic view of his/her company condition, potential and future opportunities.

Our software product for efficiency control, costs reduction and business processes optimization will give you this clear picture of your business at any given time for any given time range.

Why is it necessary to implement an efficiency management software in the company you run?

B-Ficient - the management software as a tool for efficiency measurement of activities performed in the company

B-Ficient is our innovative software product for controlling productivity and efficiency of company departments. B-Ficient is an essential part of our management improvement projects, when we analyze your business, implement new organizational culture and change your employees thinking and approach to every day work.

B-Ficient - the management software as a tool of impartial assessment of company improvement opportunities

With the help of B-Ficient, our consultants build a complex methodology and system for your company's sustainable business growth. B-Ficient allows online generation of countless reports with different selections and results compared to previously set activities standards. B-Ficient reports are full of key business efficiency indicators, such as - „productivity of workers“, „efficiency of production equipment“, „% wasted resources“, “wasted resources in $“ etc.

B-Ficient - the management software as a tool for setting business targets

The accuracy and realistic indicators of B-Ficient allow managers to set performance targets that employees must reach for each one of the key efficiency indicators. On the basis of these objective indicators, our consulting team develops an unique and fair employees' motivation bonus system.

The last point also reflects our notion for sustainable business growth in any company. Every business unit within the company must organized and motivated in a way, so that it is willing to give its best for the company advance.