stimulating sustainability and growth

Our experienced business and management consultants have learnt first hand, that sustainable business model is hard to achieve. First, you must have a unique or competitive business idea. Secondly, your product or services must be useful for the clients and the society.Last but not least, in order for the ideas to turn into products and the products to be loved by the customers, a company must rely on well-controlled business processes and above all - motivated employees.

The motivated employees do not just go to work, they work with pleasure, enjoy pursuing perfection and achieve the targets set by supervisors and managers. Our consulting team received countless feedbacks from employees, during our projects within companies, that they are more motivated when they know they are being fairly evaluated and stimulated.

Business Forward management company will build a tailor-made sustainability system for your business growth

Financial bonus element
One of the most effective methods for stimulating your company personnel is the financial bonus. Extremely important factor for the success of this kind of incentive is to be based on fair criteria, indicator or evaluation. Without a "fair" assessment method, the financial bonus might not only fail expectations, but even have negative effect on the employees' motivation.

Efficiency indicators and financial incentives
Once implemented, our system and methodology for evaluating efficiency and quality through specific indicators, will provide your company with a fair system for financial bonuses. Our business software tool B-Ficient together with its reports will provide your managers with scores of efficiency indicators, that can be analyzed by departments, groups etc., showing who performed better.

Informal and non-financial rewards
The non-financial recognition and rewards of employees is often overlooked by supervisors and managers. However, this type of employee recognition is the very requirement to build a sense of loyalty and team spirit in the company personnel. Team spirit and motivation are the two driving forces of sustainable growth on a company level, therefore we build tailor-made remuneration and reward system, according to the client-firm specifics. The ultimate goal of such system is to increase product/service quality, sales and profit, while decreasing the company costs.

Change is advance and growth
Change is vital for any business, so that it can increase and maintain its competitiveness. On the other hand, its part of humans' nature to resist change. Our consultants' skills help business owners and managers convince employees that change is a positive thing and that they must not only accept, but also initiate changes themselves.

Our methodology and approach, relying on practical examples, will reveal to employees and supervisors the benefits of Change. Through practical training, we would empower your supervisors and managers to create Change. The Change acceptance, combined with the right formal and informal, financial and non-financial rewards will make your employees start finding opportunities for management or business improvement in your Bulgarian company or subsidiary..