FAQ BY Managers

What does a management improvement project include?
Every management improvement project starts with the company activities' analysis, continues with theoretical and practical training of all levels' managers, daily problems solving and installation of our unique management and efficiency software "B-Ficient" After the project steps are officially completed, our consultants keep visiting the client-company on a weekly basis for one additional month. In this way, we make sure that your supervisors and managers continue applying the right methodology by themselves and correct them, if needed.

What is the standard duration of a project?
The duration of each project is individual and depends on the company current condition, size, hierarchy, structure and the project scope and complexity. Normally, a project would last between 2-4 months.

Can a project scope cover only problematic areas for the client-company?
Yes, it is possible, because each project phase is available as a separate service. Still, we believe that our service will bring long-term sustainability for our business clients and partners, only if they choose the complete project service.

How are all project activities being conducted throughout its duration?
Our experienced business consultants are working along with your managers during the whole duration of the project and help with the solving of every management or practical problem.